Code of Conduct

  1. All state and federal laws must be observed by attendees and staff (if its illegal don’t do it)
  2. We are a zero tolerance organization, all instances of harassment will be dealt with accordingly
  3. If you lose tour badge you must buy another badge.
    • If you find a lost badge please return it to con operations
    • If you have lost your badge you might try checking with con ops to see if its been found
    • ID must be presented to receive a found badge in con ops
  4. Do not engage in unsanctioned mock fighting, it can become dangerous and someone might get hurt..
  5. Please ask permission before touching a cosplayer, their costume, or their props. You are welcome to take photos, but please ask a cosplayer’s permission to take a photo before asking them to pose.
  6. Disruptive behavior such as hollering, cursing around minors, and disrupting foot traffic is prohibited and may result in ejection from the event.
  7. Persons committing theft, shoplifting, larceny, burglary, looting, robbery, counterfeiting, fraud, committing vandalism, graffiti, defacement, destruction of property, and criminal damage will be ejected from the event and given to the custody the Police.
  8. Sales of merchandise or services outside of authorized BFG locations is prohibited.
  9. Panhandling, begging, soliciting, street performing, or performing any act in exchange for goods, services, or money is prohibited.
  10. Do not sleep in public spaces or function rooms.
  11. Please put all trash in trash receptacles.
  12. Do not post flyers, posters, or promotional materials in public spaces or on walls not designated for said purpose
  13. Please silence your cell phone while attending videos, panels, and events.
  14. Note: all policies are subjective and a member of staff may revoke your admission at any time without question or fairness.

Dress Code

  1. BFG is a family friendly event, all dress required by law is required for BFG (the least amount of clothes you are allowed to wear at the beach is the least amount of clothes we allow as well)
  2. The following are not allowed at BFG events and venues because of safety reasons, whether you are in costume or not:
  • Bare Feet
  • Roller Skates and blades
  • Skateboards
  • Loose metal chains
  1. Costumes that too closely resemble law enforcement and medical personnel will not be allowed.
  2. Real weapons are NOT allowed as part of your costume.
  3. Nudity and body paint are NOT costumes.
  4. Masks can be worn ONLY in the Convention Venues.
  5. Please see the weapons and props policy for more on these items

Attendees agree and consent to inspection by qualified security and BFG staff to review the appropriateness of their clothing . It is also understood that if they do meet the requirements of the dress code they will be asked to change. Non-compliance will result in ejection form the event.

Weapons/Props Policy

  1. No metal bladed weapons of any type will be permitted (swords, knives, axes, etc.)
  2. Only non functioning mock projectile weapons will be allowed (real guns regardless of functionality are strictly prohibited)
  3. All Airsoft, BB, Nerf, blow, and Paintball guns, etc. must have a permanent orange tip
  4. Guns must be devoid of clips, ammunition, and if possible the trigger.
  5. Any item that is designed, marketed, intended, possessed, or sold for offensive or defensive purposes will not be allowed. (Expandable batons, mace, pepper spray, bear spray, flail/mace, brass knuckles, etc.)
  6. Any “dud” or “demilitarized” items must be obvious: no primer, no charging system, substantial inspection port, etc.
  7. Destructive devices are not allowed at BFG events (explosives, ordnance, grenades, ammunition, cannons, flamethrowers, flash bangs, smoke grenades, mortars, bazookas, primers, detonation cord, firing caps, etc.)
  8. Some weapons may need to be peace bound by BFG security. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. Removal of peace bond by anyone other than BFG staff will result in ejection from the event.
  9. attendees understand, agree, and consent that designated BFG staff or public safety personnel throughout the convention have an absolute right to inspect their costumes, weapons, and any other items, and that said attendee will submit to such an inspection. If and attendee is in violation of the weapons policy they will be asked to remove the items in question from the premises. In the event a person declines to submit to an inspection and refuses to leave, they shall be immediately expelled from the convention and escorted off the premises.
  10. Persons who carry or otherwise bring prop weapons, replicas, or similar items do so at their own, sole, and absolute risk, and assume all risks of liability, harm, damage, or loss to any person or property injured or otherwise harmed, intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly by such items or the person carrying them.
  11. BFG shall not be liable for any injury, harm, damage, or other risk or liability associated with any person’s use of any weapon, replica, or prop, whether permitted or banned here after at BFG events.
  12. In no event shall BFG and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries, or the event venue have any liability for any incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages hereunder, even if informed of the possibility of same.